Cut Back Those Overgrown Trees

Cut Back Those Overgrown Trees

Invest in regular tree trimming in Collin and Fannin County

Are the trees on your property growing out of control? Are they growing too close to your house, cars or power lines? If this is happening near your home, you need to work with a tree care specialist right away. At Tri-County Tree & Lawn, LLC, we offer tree trimming services in Leonard & Melissa, TX as well as Collin and Fannin Countyy. You can trust a specialist from our team to trim back your unruly trees in no time.

Find out more about our tree care services when you call 903-449-7196 now.

Routine trimming keeps your trees healthy

There's more to tree trimming than just cutting branches. It takes training and practice to spot which branches should be culled and which should be left. The larger the tree, the more you can cull without killing the tree. Trimming trees allows us to remove branches and defects that:

  • Affect growth
  • Could fall on pedestrians
  • Hang over your home or garage
  • Hang over your driveway or car
  • Are dead

The crew from Tri-County Tree & Lawn can trim any tree. Ask about our tree trimming service when you call our office in Collin, Fannin, or Hunt County today.