We had a live oak that needed pretty heavy trimming. It was getting close to damaging our fence and had grown into some telephone lines. Tim and his brother did a great job of trimming the tree away from ours and our neighbor's fences with no damage to our property. They also did a great job clearing out the branches and leaves. We appreciated their knowledge on what was best for the tree and their advice on how to care for some of the other trees on our property.

Bethany B

I had 2 huge Bois D'arc trees and a smaller hackberry that were well over 100 yrs old. They were unsightly and needed cut down.
Tri County did an excellent job (3 days non-stop) to tackle this job. Great company, great job and great prices!

Lisa Rae

We had two huge hackberry trees that needed to be trimmed and taken out. One was encroaching on power lines and the other had a split in the trunk and was likely to fall on our propane tank if we have an ice storm this winter. Tim and his brother did an awesome job on both trees. They were professional, knowledgeable about what was best for the tree, and very skilled in their workmanship. And did I mention that their pricing was VERY reasonable? Whenever I need tree or landscaping work done in the future, I will look no further than Tri-County Tree & Lawn. If you live anywhere in North Texas and need someone you can count on, I highly recommend them.

James Pence

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